How is the government shutdown affecting you? It is important for your representatives in the House and Senate to hear your concerns.

Current situation:

January 10, 2019: The House of Representatives passed funding legislation that would reopen HUD and USDA with full-year funding (H.R. 267 and H.R. 265). These bills are not likely to receive a final vote in the Senate, unless President Trump indicates he will not veto the spending bills.

The current partial government shutdown and temporary stopgap funding measures are harmful to families living in affordable housing. They are also harmful to our industry. Negotiations between the White House and Congress have stalled over a disagreement over immigration funding, delaying vital government funding for HUD and USDA for the rest of the fiscal year (FY19).

December 21, 2018: Funding for HUD and USDA Rural Housing Programs expired on Dec. 21, 2018. Normal operations at both agencies are shutdown, which is negatively impacting all rental assistance programs, tenants, and AHAIN member properties.

Please contact your Representatives in the House and your Senators and let them know we need USDA, HUD, and Treasury reopened while the political issues are resolved.

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