CDC Extends Eviction Moratorium Through July 31, 2021

June 24, 2021 – The Biden Administration announced that it is extending the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) federal eviction moratorium through July 31, 2021. The CDC has stated that while the eviction moratorium extension is subject to revisions based on the changing public health landscape, absent an unexpected change in trajectory, it does not plan to extend the eviction moratorium past July 31, 2021.

The CDC Eviction Moratorium Extension Order is available here.

In addition to the moratorium’s extension, the Biden Administration announced it will implement a whole-of-government approach to promote housing stability by supporting vulnerable tenants and preventing foreclosures. These actions from the White House are intended to give state and local governments more time to distribute more than $46 billion in emergency rental assistance to those most in need. In addition to extending the eviction moratorium, the White House will:

  • Highlight that American Rescue Plan funds for state and local governments and for emergency rental assistance can be used to fund eviction diversion plans, including counseling, navigator, and legal services.
  • Issue new guidance from Treasury for the Emergency Rental Assistance program to accelerate and broaden state and local delivery of funds.
  • Convene a summit to develop eviction-prevention action plans, including tenant-landlord mediation strategies.
  • Accelerate and broaden state and local delivery of emergency rental assistance by providing clarity on bulk payments, aiding Americans experiencing homelessness, and overcoming language and disability barriers.
  • Have the Department of Justice send guidance to state courts encouraging them to adopt anti-eviction diversion practices.
  • Provide guidance from HUD to help prevent Fair Housing Act violations.
  • Activate a whole-of-government effort to raise awareness about emergency rental assistance, tapping agencies including Treasury, HUD, CFPB, DOJ, and USDA to inform tenants and landlords of available support.

To view the White House Fact Sheet, Biden-Harris Administration Announces Initiatives to Promote Housing Stability By Supporting Vulnerable Tenants and Preventing Foreclosures, click here.

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